Because we should all be able to travel local



Easier access to local transport across multiple cities, payment and planning, made simple. 


With 1000+ local inspiration’s across mutiple cities.
We w
ork together to support cities neighbourhoods, by helping each other discover and share hidden gems.  

Just because

Getting around a new destination sucks

Navigating local transport and buying tickets should be seamless.  We want to make the most sustainable ways to get around a destination the easiest.

Supporting the local community should be easy

Neighbourhoods are the backbone of any destination, filled with small businesses and unique locations. We should all be able to support them by telling their story, inspiring others to visit and do the same

It starts with us

We need to work together if we are to create more sustainable cities and communities. We have an opportunity to create greener cities and its up to us to make the choice. 

Creating sustainable cities together with..