Skipit Card - One digital card multiple cities!

The pain is real! Trying to navigate your own city is hard enough, but when you’re in a new city it’s impossible, until now… That’s why we have built the Skipit card to make paying for public transport in various cities easy!

phone app

Journey Planning - Let's go full sustainable!

To find our way out of the climate crisis, we need to take concrete actions to reduce our emissions, and it so easy to do it with mobility choices. Local transportation is the cleanest way to move around, and good for us, it’s also the easiest way!

Digital Assistance

Paying and planning is just the starting point when it comes to travelling around a city. Transport maps? Accessibility? Zone systems?

No worries, we got you covered with our digital assistance tool so you can get all the information you need!

transport maps

Creating sustainable cities together with..